Basarnas collects 65 bags of bodies of ill-fated plane passengers

Basarnas collects 65 bags of bodies of ill-fated plane passengers

Officers moved the bodies of the victims of the Lion Air JT 610 when they arrived at the Polri Hospital, East Jakarta. (ANTARA PHOTO/RENO ESNIR)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), M Syaugi, said here on Thursday that a total of 65 bags of bodies had been collected following the crash of Lion Air JT 610 plane in Karawang four days ago.

All the bags had been taken to the police hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, for identification.

He said in a press conference that the use of Remote Operating Vehicle had made efforts to collect debris of the crash easier.

"We lowered the ROV to the bottom of the sea 40 to 50 meter deep to observe the area and it was seen there are many bodies spreading in a wide area," he said.

He said besides bodies ROV also found debris including landing gear and other parts of the plane`s body.

Some of the finds were monitired behind the shio used by the team and so the team combed four areas.

"After the ROV locates and gives marks, divers go. There are a lot of divers involved fron Basarnas, the military (TNI), thr police, Bakamla (Sea Security Agency) and volunteers that we spread in four sectors," he said.

As visibility was only three meter search efforts were stopped as night fell but monitoring process by ROV continued, he said.

"I appreciated the great divers that have worked very well. We all cooperate. Many parties are involved in the searc efforts including community members and fishermen. Hopefully we can continue tomorrow and weather will be good," he said.

Lion Air flight JT610 plane crashed so e 15 minutes after taking off at 6.20am from Jakarta on its way to Pangkalpinang in Bangka-Belitung province in Sumatra with 189 people on board on Monday.

Reporting by Aubrey Kandelila Fanani
Editing by Yoseph Hariyadi