Ministry provides 75 tons of maize for fowl breeders

Ministry provides 75 tons of maize for fowl breeders

corn. (ANTARA News/HO)

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - Agricultural Ministry has distributed 75 tons of maize feed to a group of poultry breeders in Bogor, West Java.

The maize poultry meal was transported on large tonnage of trucks and directly handed to poultry group of the Karya Agri Satwa Farmers Cooperatives.

"The maize fodder distribution is part of the government efforts to assist poultry breeders. The government comes forward to assist breeders in getting maize," Animal Husbandry Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fadjar Sumping T.R said here on Friday.

Distribution of the corn aid was carried out simultaneously in a number of provinces, namely West Java, East Java and Central Java. Bogor is one of the areas in West Java that receives the subsidized maize assistance.

"It is hoped that this effort can help farmers, because farmers have conveyed to the government that their production has declined, and chicken prices have risen," he said.

One of the complaints by farmers is the high price of corn in the market which reaches Rp5,000 per kg. Meanwhile, the need for feed takes up production costs of up to 50 percent.

According to Fadjar this effort is a form of the government`s commitment to help farmers so that they will be able to maintain production. It should not happen that the problem of corn prices and the importation of the product make farmers to be out of business.

"We make efforts to maintain the continuation of fowl farmers. If farmers are assisted the chicken production will automatically run well and we can prevent the import of chicken and chicken feed," he said.

Distribution of corn aid with this limited quota would have been carried out by Minister Amran Sulaiman in Bogor City. However, because he was unable to attend, he was represented by the Director of Animal Health, and Director of Veterinary Public Health, Syamrul Ma`arif.

The bulk corn assistance was handed over to the Chairperson of Agri Satwa`s Agricultural Cooperatives, Alvino Hermano and Chair of the Indonesian People`s Poultry Association (PINSAR) Association Hartono in front of the Harmony building Jl Abdullah Bin Nuh.

Reporting by Laily Rahmawaty
Editing by Andi Abdussalam