Jakarta (ANTARA News) - South Korea Ambassador to Indonesia Kim Chang-beom has praised Indonesia for its role in the process of creating peace in the Korean Peninsula.

During a discussion on the latest situation in the Korean Peninsula held in Jakarta on Tuesday, Kim highlighted Indonesian President Joko Widodo`s (Jokowi`s) initiative to invite North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the commemoration of 30 years of ASEAN-South Korea partnership in 2019.

President Jokowi proposed the invitation to South Korean President Moon Jae-in on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit held in Singapore recently and at meetings with ASEAN leaders President Moon pledged to follow up on the suggestion, the ambassador remarked at the seminar organized by the South Korean Embassy and the Habibie Center.

As a country sharing sound friendship with South Korea and bilateral relations with North Korea for over five decades, Indonesia supported the creation of a sustainable peaceful situation in the Korean Peninsula.

Although the creation of peace will take a long time and be a lengthy process, it is believed to be able to support stability, security, and common prosperity.

The joint communiqu? of ASEAN leaders issued after the ASEAN Summit also highlighted North Korea`s commitment to work toward the full denuclearization of the peninsula and to stop guided missile and nuclear tests.

"These steps affirm the role and contribution of ASEAN members, particularly Indonesia, to the process of creating peace in the region," Kim noted.

Through the various efforts, Kim expressed hope that all the relevant parties would build understanding with regard to the latest progress in the peninsula and explore the possibility of cooperation in creating global peace and stability.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Habibie Center Rahimah Abdulrahim noted that President Jokowi`s offer to invite Kim Jong-un to the ASEAN-South Korea meeting should be taken into account seriously.

Abdulrahim reminded Indonesia that it should play a concrete role in the process of creating peace in the peninsula rather than playing a passive role.

"I think Indonesia or other ASEAN member states having good relations with the two Koreas could use moderate tactical diplomacy to build relations among communities. The ASEAN could also promote its dialog culture in the communication between the two Korean leaders," he added.
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