Bogor, W Java, (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) shed light on his daily family life in which he claimed to not be reluctant in being assertive and "fierce" towards his children.

"For principle matters, yes. I say yes (fierce). For instance, what, when they were all in school. Didn`t study. That was the principle," President Jokowi stated during the President Family Talk Show with Media at the Grand Garden Restaurant, Bogor Botanical Gardens Complex, on Saturday.

A singer and surgeon Tompi, who guided the event, then inquired how fierce the president was with his sons and daughter.

"Cut pocket money?" Tompi questioned.

"Yes, ask him," the president said, telling Gibran to answer.

Gibran also added that his father was strict in upholding rules and principles.

"Yes, for those things father was very strict but beyond that we shared a lot. Since junior high school, I did not stay with my father and mother. Hence, more emphasis is laid on independence. Independent, free, but still in accordance with the principles determined by father," Gibran stated.

Responding to the same question, First Lady Iriana also claimed to have never spoilt her children.

The first lady said the children were offered education since childhood to be independent and not to be spoilt.

On the occasion, President Widodo and First Lady Iriana invited their children, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren to relax together on the weekend at the Bogor Palace.

The president`s first son Gibran Rakabuming Raka and wife Selvi Ananda and their son Jan Ethes Sri Narendra along with his daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, and her husband, Bobby Nasution, and their daughter, four-month-old Sedah Mirah were called on by the president and first lady.

The president gave the opportunity to reporters, covering the Presidential Palace, to pose any queries they had regarding their families.

Reporting by Hanni Sofia, Eliswan Azly
Editing by Sri Haryati

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Yosep Hariyadi
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