Indonesia-Japan 2045 project needs to be reviewed periodically: VP

Indonesia-Japan 2045 project needs to be reviewed periodically: VP

Vice President M Jusuf Kalla. (Fransiska Ninditya)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that Indonesia-Japan 2045 Development Project that was aimed at advancing the peoples of the two nations needed to be reviewed periodically.

"Conditions in 2045 will be vary different from those of today. Therefore, I suggest that there should be periodic reviews for adjustment," the vice president said here on Saturday.

Kalla made the statement when he was attending the event of 2045 Project Reception and the 10th Anniversary of Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia ceremony at Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta.

The vice president said Indonesia and Japan could prepare a bright future for the peoples of the two countries through the 2045 Project program.

He said that the project was also expected to bring important roles to Indonesia and Japan in global development.

With periodic reviews of 2045 Project, the cooperation between Indonesia and Japan could be carried out based on the need of the two nations in accordance with global economic and political developments.

"We need improvement and modernizing agreements to face the dynamism of new world trade paradigm. In this case, Japan could contribute to the goals of our target," he added.

The 2045 Project is a cooperation program launched to mark the 60th anniversary of Indonesia-Japan diplomatic relations.

It constitutes a projection of Indonesia`s development in the fields of economy, politics and social in 2045.

Vice President Kalla hoped that through the 2045 Project, development in Indonesia and Japan would be realized to provide benefits to the peoples of both countries and to improve bilateral relations.

"I hope that with the 2045 Project, a good and friendly relationship between Indonesia and Japan will increase and bring benefits to our societies," said the Vice President.

There will be research related to the 2045 Project which involves various studies to identify challenges and potential for Indonesia`s development. The results of the research will be submitted to the government, policy makers, academics and the public.

In the face of the year 2045, Indonesia and Japan are expected to achieve three common goals, namely maintaining democracy and becoming the largest maritime country; entering the top five positions in the global economy; and achieving a better quality of life through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Reporting by Andi Abdussalam


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