Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - East Kalimantan -Province saw a trade surplus of US$12.52 billion in the January-November 2018 period, according to the local office of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

The surplus resulted from exports worth US$16.77 billion minus imports worth US$4.25 billion, Chief of the Statistics and Distribution Section at the BPS Office Siti Farisya Yana said here on Saturday.

The exports included mineral fuels, both oil and gas and non-oil/non-gas commodities, worth US$15.45 billion, consisting of oil and gas worth US$2.98 billion and non-oil/non-gas commodities including coal worth US$12.46 billion.

The export of non-oil/non-gas commodities other than mineral fuels included animal or vegetable fats and oils worth US$582.49 million, fertilizers worth US$214.74 million, non-organic chemicals worth US$281.9 million, as well as wood and wood products worth US$115.81 million.

The markets for the province`s oil and gas exports over the period of time included Japan with a value of US$1.32 billion, China US$672.76 million, and Singapore US$82.67 million.

The non-oi/non-gas exports went to India with a value of US$3.18 billion, China US$3.19 million, Japan US$1.49 million, South Korea US$1.32 million, and Malaysia US$955.72 million.

The imports worth US$4.25 billion included mineral fuels, both oil and gas and non-oil/non gas commodities worth US#3.03 billion.

The import of non-oil/non-gas commodities other than mineral fuels including iron and steel was valued at US$107.62 million, nuclear reactor,kettle, machines, and mechanical appliances US$614.65 million, vehicles other than those moving on railway tracks, spare parts and accessories US$118.11 million.

Reporting by M.Ghofar

Editing by Suharto/Rahmad Nasution

Reporter: Antara
Editor: Gusti Nur Cahya Aryani
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