Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Nusantara Palestinian Center (NPC) Foundation has planned to distribute 10 thousand liters of diesel fuel to assist hospitals in Gaza that are facing a prolonged humanitarian crisis as a result of Israel`s 11-year-long blockade.

"The diesel fuel will be distributed to the hospitals in Gaza on Feb 5," Chairman of the NPC Foundation Abdillah Onim informed Antara during a telephonic interview from the Palestinian city of Gaza on Saturday.

Abdillah Onim, an Indonesian volunteer married to a Palestinian woman and residing in Gaza, said the NPC had also planned to distribute medicines to the needy after accomplishing the diesel fuel program for hospitals.

Currently, hospitals in Gaza City have been reeling under a serious crisis of shortage of food for patients, medicines, fuels, and also clean water, Onim, who has also worked as a volunteer for Indonesia`s Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), stated.

Last week, a public kitchen called "Amanah Indonesia" (Trusteeship of Indonesia) had been set up to serve free food to several hundred patients of the As-Syifa Hospital. The humanitarian funds for running the kitchen were donated by the Indonesian people.

"The `Amanah Indonesia` Kitchen is an initiative to help the hospital management that has no longer been able to feed its patients due to the crises of food, medicines, and fuels," he remarked.

The Indonesian kitchen program will serve the As-Syifa Hospital`s patients for 20 days, he noted, adding that the program had earlier been planned for only 10 days.

"This extension depends on the funding generated from donators in Indonesia," he stated.

To ensure the continuation of this humanitarian mission for dealing with Gaza`s ongoing crisis, Onim urged Indonesians to assist by donating some of their money.

"It is enough to donate Rp80,000 (US$1=Rp13,940) to provide a plate of meal for a patient. By doing so, we have cared for the patients in Gaza," he affirmed.

Those willing to donate the funds may transfer the amount to the BNI Syariah-East Jakarta Office, with NPC Foundation`s bank account 690000 9097; BNI-Kramat Office, with NPC Foundation`s bank account 69000 90089; and BNI-Kramat Chapter, with Abdillah Onim`s bank account 69000 90001.

"May Allah Subhanahu wata`ala bestow all donators with good deeds," he remarked.

In 2016`s holy month of Ramadhan, the Indonesian people also distributed diesel and gasoline fuel to mosques in Gaza, he added.

Reporting by Andi Jauhary, Rahmad Nasution

Reporter: Antara
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