Bintan, Riau Islands, (ANTARA News) - The Environment and Forestry Office in Riau Islands confirmed that none of the bauxite mining companies in Bintan District have the required documents pertaining to environmental management efforts (UPL) and environmental monitoring efforts (UKL).

Head of the Production Forest Management Unit of Bintan and Tanjungpinang Ruwa stated here on Friday that for all mining activities conducted, the company should possess documents pertaining to its management and monitoring efforts, elaborating on its business and activities that have no significant impacts on the environment.

"Based on our verification on the field, none of the companies have the document but a letter from the sub-district office," he pointed out.

Earlier, a team of the environment and forestry minister, in its investigation in the district, found that 19 bauxite mining companies had contributed to harming the environment and forest in the region.

The team already has the names of the companies.

"The ministry will take measures to follow up on the collected data and information for further legal process," he affirmed.

Teams from other ministries -- the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry and the Energy and Mineral Resource Ministry -- have also inspected the mining sites in Bintan.

"All related ministries have come to Bintan. Today, we will hold a meeting with the team from the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Ministry," Ruwa stated.

A non-governmental organization -- Anti-86 Discussion Group -- has filed a report with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) against Riau Islands Governor Nurdin Basirun and Bintan District Head Apri Sujadi, who had issued the mining license for the companies.

According to the group's chief Ta'in Komari, the issuance of mining licenses has led to financial losses to the state and society.

The Riau governor has issued mining license to dozens of companies, which are not operated as bauxite mining firms, to exploit bauxite reserves in Bintan.

The decision has sparked uncontrolled mining activities in the forest and other locations in some islands and caused environment damage.

Activities to transport bauxite, especially in the port, have polluted the waters.

Antara reported that bauxite mining could be found in Dendang Island, Tembeling, Bekung, Gisi, Bunut Island, Koyang Island, Buton Island, Malin Island, Kelong Island, Mantang lama, and Tembora Island.

The areas have suffered serious environment damage.

Bauxite mining activities escalated since the Directorate General of Foreign Trade Ministry issued an export license to PT Gunung Bintan Abadi to export bauxite, with certain criteria.

The export license was issued thereafter in 2017. The Riau Islands governor issued a mining license for the company, with a production quota of 1.6 million tons.

The company has worked jointly with other firms to achieve the target and conduct exports to China.

Reporting by Nikolas Panama, Sri Haryati

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