President Jokowi denies rumors of legalizing same-sex marriages

President Jokowi denies rumors of legalizing same-sex marriages

President Joko Widodo . (Bayu Prasetyo)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) denied rumors of him banning the call to prayer and legalizing same-sex marriages if he won the 2019 presidential election while addressing West Java Ulemas and Islamic Boarding School leaders.

"There is a lot of logic that does not come through. Yesterday, problems arose over rumors that the government will legalize same-sex marriages. We are a country that highly respects religious norms," President Jokowi stated at a gathering with West Java Islamic Boarding School Leaders and Islamic Boarding School Leaders at the Jakarta State Palace on Thursday.

The head of state also pointed to the rumor of the call to prayer (azan) being banned that was not in accordance with logic, if the Jokowi-Ma`ruf Amin were to lead again.

"From the survey that we conducted, nine million people believe it. If it is left to simmer, the number will reach 15 million and again multiply to 30 million and 50 million, so it can be dangerous if one keeps quiet," he cautioned.

Jokowi also said that the issue pertaining to the PKI had also arisen since he led the country, for which a clarification was deemed necessary.

Earlier, a video circulating showed three mothers in Karawang calling on a citizen to not vote for Jokowi in the 2019 Presidential Election because if he would win, the call to prayer would be banned and same-sex marriages would be legalized.

To this end, the president has called on the scholars to maintain unity, to care for harmony, and to safeguard this great Indonesia.

Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Chief of Staff of President Moeldoko, the district head of Bogor Ade and leaders of West Javanese scholars were also present at the gathering.

Reporting by Joko Susilo, Eliswan Azly