Ministry prohibits regional heads to travel abroad during elections

Ministry prohibits regional heads to travel abroad during elections

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Home Affairs prohibits regional heads, members of the provincial and district/city legislative bodies (DPRD), as well as the ministry and regional governments' officials to go abroad during the election period, in order to support increased voter participation.

"To realize the voter participation target of 77.55 percent, we must invite the people to vote. Our time is that we invite, we are instead of 'dolan' ( going abroad)," Secretary General of the Interior Ministry Hadi Prabowo said here on Monday.

Hadi's statement explained the circular issued by Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo for the regional heads, DPRD members, and civil servants of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Regional Governments not to make working visits or trips abroad during the election period.

In the letter number 099/892 / SJ dated February 1, 2019, the ministry explained that the ban on foreign travel is valid for seven calendar days before and after April 17, 2019.

Hadi said the election was a fiesta of democracy which should be participated in by all components of the nation who are eligible to cast their votes. He stressed that all servants of the state, regional heads, bureaucrats,and  members of DPRD, should be able to become role models for the public in participating in elections.

"If they (servants of the state) travel abroad, people also travel, so the number of those abstaining from voting is high," Hadi explained.

He hoped that the circular could increase public participation in the parliamentary and presidential elections.  He also hopes that the elections will run smoothly in an orderly and quality manner.

"These elections are ours, for us and for our progress," he said.