Mining sector sees highest investment in East Kalimantan

Mining sector sees highest investment in East Kalimantan

Oil refinery in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. FOTO ANTARA/Yudhi Mahatma/ss/hp/10

Samarinda, Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The highest investment in East Kalimantan in 2018 went to the mining business, with a value of IDR 12.56 trillion, or 48.41 percent of the total domestic investment (PMDN), which reached IDR 25.94 trillion, consisting of around 20 investment subsectors.

"The second largest contribution went to the food and plantation subsector with an investment of IDR 3.75 trillion or 14.44 percent," said Head of East Kalimantan Integrated One-Stop Investment and Licensing Service (DPMPTSP) Abdullah Sani in Samarinda on Saturday.

The construction subsector, which is the tertiary sector, ranked third and saw an additional investment of IDR 3.2 trillion or 12.35 percent of the total investment.

Of the domestic investment that East Kalimantan saw in 2018, there were three large business sectors grouped into primary, secondary and tertiary.

For the primary sector, among others, the subsector of food crops and plantations saw at least 125 projects with an investment value of 3.74 trillion and a workforce of 4,604 people comprising 4,601 Indonesian workers (TKI) and three foreign workers (TKA).

This was followed by the forestry subsector with five projects and investments worth Rp 602.83 billion. There were 151 workers employed in this field of business, which included all migrant workers.

Furthermore, the mining subsector has 73 projects with an investment of IDR 12.56 trillion and a workforce of 3,580 people with 3,568 domestic workers (TKI) and 12 foreign workers (TKA).

For the secondary sector, Sani said there were 68 food projects in the food industry with an investment of Rp1.68 trillion and 1,454 migrant workers.

The wood industry subsector saw 12 projects with an investment of Rp264 billion and 21 migrant workers, while the non-metallic mineral industry sub-sector saw 12 investment projects with a value of 17.9 billion and absorbed 29 migrant workers.

The tertiary sector included investment in the electricity, gas and water sub-sectors with 30 projects and an investment of IDR2.55 trillion. This sub-sector managed to absorb 1,007 workers with 725 TKI and 282 TKA.

"Then, there were 14 construction projects with a value of 3.2 trillion, and employing 1,193 migrant workers, while the transportation, warehouse and communication businesses saw 32 projects with an investment of Rp165.5 billion and employing 270 migrant workers," Sani said