Dumai, Riau (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Shipowners' Association (INSA) of Dumai City chapter has urged Pelindo I to immediately dredge the waters around the main port in Riau to ensure the timely delivery of services and guarantee that ship loading and unloading activities are not hindered due to siltation.

The Chairperson of INSA Dumai, Herman Buchari, in Dumai, on Saturday, noted that due to the impact of the shallow waters around the export dock of crude palm oil and wet dry bulk oil, many ships have to stand in line at the pier before carrying out loading and unloading activities.

"As promised, the dock's waters will be dredged. This has not yet been realized, and as a result, many ships have to wait in queue for a few days to be docked," Buchari said.

He stated that the obstructed services also affected freight truck drivers at the port because they had to queue up to load and unload goods and had to wait for the ships to be docked.

The delay in dredging the waters around Pelindo Dumai Pier A, B and C leads to the wastage of time and causes a loss of materials for port users because they have to stand in line at the pier and must incur additional costs.

"Ship and goods owners suffers losses because they have to pay additional costs when their ships have to lean back in the port pond and to stand in line at the dock," he said.

Every day, dozens of ships have to queue up at the port's pool or port due to the impact of the shallow water at Pelindo-run Dumai dock, and this has been happening for years.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Pelindo I Dumai Aguslianto explained that the dredging plan will still be carried out, and currently, the dock auction process has been put on the backburner to ensure that services are not constrained.

"The dredging dock plan is still in the auction stage, and we remain committed to improving the services at the port," Agus said. EDITED BY INE

Reporter: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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