Riau BNN foils 24-kg crytal meth smuggling from Malaysia

Riau BNN foils 24-kg crytal meth smuggling from Malaysia

Pekanbaru (ANTARA) -
Pekanbaru (ANTARA) - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Riau Province managed to foil attempts to smuggle 24 kilograms of crystal meth  (shabu-shabu) and 13 thousand ecstasy pills from neighboring Malaysia, with the consignment intended for delivery and circulation in Pekanbaru.

Head of the Riau BNN Brigadier General Untung Subagyo remarked in Pekanbaru City, Thursday, that the three men arrested for the wrongdoing were identified by their initials as AR, RS, and A.

"The BNN was able to retrieve 24 pieces of crystal meth, each weighing one kilogram, and 13 thousand ecstasy pills in blue and 'pink' (pink) from the three suspects," Subagyo informed Antara in Pekanbaru on Thursday.

Subagyo revealed that the trio were part of a drug smuggling network managed by two dealers, who conducted their dealings in Duri City, Mandau District, Bengkalis District. During their operation, they smuggled huge quantities of drugs through the Riau coast, specifically in Dumai City.

"Hence, their route is Malaysia, Dumai, Duri, and then to Pekanbaru," he remarked.

Subagyo emphasized that this exposé was the outcome of his staff's investigation conducted after receiving precise information on the scheduled delivery of a huge consignment of drugs to Pekanbaru City. The BNN Riau Eradication Team then conducted mapping and went undercover.

"During the course of (shipping the drugs), we had keep close watch over Duri. On arrival in Pekanbaru, the consignment was to be handed over at the airport. However, they were awaiting instructions of the porter in Duri. During that time, we immediately caught them," he elaborated.

Subagyo pointed out that from this arrest, the Riau BNN was able to draw links to Subandi and Jumino. The two allegedly controlled the smuggling and shipment of illegal goods to Lancang Kuning Earth.

Subagyo admitted that the two suspects employed a sophisticated mode for smuggling the contraband though using traditional methods. It was decided that the suspect would bring crystal meth and ecstasy amounting to tens of billions of rupiahs on a motorcycle from Duri to Pekanbaru.

In an attempt to hoodwink the officers, baskets of goods were fitted on Yamaha Vixion and Scorpio motorbikes to resemble vehicles carrying vegetables and produce. A total of 24 kilograms of methamphetamine and 13 thousand ecstasy pills were concealed in the basket.

The two motorbikes also drove in proximity to one another though maintaining a distance. One of the motorbikes not having a basket caught the attention of vigilant officers, while the one driving the Vixion, containing methamphetamine concealed in the basket, awaited information from his aide in front.

Despite meticulous planning to smuggle the narcotics, the duo were caught by officers on Jalan Garuda Sakti, Pekanbaru, on March 30, 2019. Subagyo confirmed that his staff is currently involved in uncovering the case, including tracing Subandi and Jumino.

"We have mapped their whereabouts and where they are domiciled. We are optimistic of arresting them soon," he noted.

The methamphetamine, confiscated by the officers, was covered in green tea plastic bearing Chinese characters, Gaunyingwang. Crystal meth  is the same variety that was unearthed by the ranks of the Riau BNN and Riau Regional Police.