Tawau (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Consulate in Tawau, Sabah State, stated that there were Indonesian citizens working for farms and refineries in Malaysia who were being paid unfair wages.

This was conveyed by the Indonesian Consul in Tawau, Sulistijo Djati Ismoyo, in Tawau, Saturday, regarding the wage system for Indonesian migrant workers in Sabah.
Djati added that the employer of the company that had hired Indonesian migrant workers had been summoned by the Indonesian Consulate Tawau. "There are still companies that pay labor migrants less than reasonable wages but we have got in touch with the employer and the company," explained Djati.

However, the efforts are still in the negotiation stage, he said.

He acknowledged there were also employers who directly rectified the wages or companies that improved the wage system for foreign workers from Indonesia.

The Indonesian Consulate in Tawau claimed to continue to encourage the employers of the company in Sabah, Malaysia, to improve the wages of Indonesian workers according to the provisions.

Companies or employers who pay migrant workers below standard, he said, usually claim their workers do not have immigration documents, such as passports.

Djati regrets that Indonesian migrant workers cannot demand proper wages as a result of being illegal foreign workers.

Therefore, he called on migrant workers in his working area to equip themselves with passports and other documents.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Sri Haryati
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