― Realizes high efficiency in a wide range of rotations without phase adjustment ―

TOKYO--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") today released two three-phase brushless motor controller ICs “TC78B041FNG” housed in an SSOP30 package and “TC78B042FTG” in a VQFN32 package. Both adopt InPAC[1], Toshiba’s original automatic phase adjustment function, to eliminate phase adjustment and achieve high level efficiency at a wide range of motor rotation speeds. This allows their use with motor drivers of various voltages and current capacities, and they also can be used in combination with intelligent power devices at the output stages. The controllers are suited for use in home appliances such as air-conditioners and air purifiers, and industrial equipment. Mass production starts today.

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Manufacturers of home appliances and industrial equipment are increasingly using inverters to control fan motors, to meet strong demand for improved energy efficiency and lower noise. Conventionally, in order to obtain high-level efficiency, it is necessary to adjust the phase of the motor voltage and motor current for individual fan motors.

Realizing high efficiency over a wide range of rotational speeds—from almost zero rotations per minute (rpm) at start-up to high speeds of several 1,000rpm—requires many parts for phase adjustment. It also introduces the need for an MCU control system, and developing that takes time.

With the introduction of InPAC, Toshiba’s original new control technology, which automatically adjusts the phase of the Hall signal and motor current, the new products drive motors with an efficiency equivalent to that of an MCU control system, over a wide range of rotation speeds. InPAC secures both a high efficiency fan motor drive and sine wave drive that reduces noise.

In addition, since phase adjustment is performed automatically with simple settings, the previously required development time for software and MCU adjustment is eliminated, streamlining application.

Main Features
(1) InPAC
Secures high-level efficiency for a wide range of rotation speeds without any need for phase adjustment.
Simple phase adjustment of the Hall signal and output current realizes high efficiency driving.

(2) Low noise and low vibration
Use of a sine wave drive system with a smooth current waveform reduces noise, and generates less noise and vibration than motors with a rectangular wave drive system.

(3) Small package
TC78B042FTG adopts a VQFN32 (5mm x 5mm x 1mm) package that can be mounted in limited spaces. The popular SSOP30 package is also available as TC78B041FNG.

Home appliances such as air-conditioners and air purifiers, and industrial equipment.

Main Specifications
Part Number TC78B041FNG TC78B042FTG
Package SSOP30 (7.6mm×10.2mm×1.6mm) VQFN32 (5mm×5mm×1mm)
Supply voltage
(operating range) 6V to 16.5V
Driving method Sine-wave drive
Features Automatic phase adjustment function (InPAC)
Hall element input / Hall IC input available
Forward rotation/Reverse rotation switch
Motor lock detection
Number of pulses of rotation pulse signal is selectable.
5V regulator included VREF pin 5V regulator included VREF pin / VREF2 pin
Error detection positive input (RES pin) Error detection positive input (RES pin)
Error detection negative input (RESX pin)
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[1] InPAC: Intelligent Phase Control, Toshiba’s original automatic phase adjustment function

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