Ujoh Bilang, Mahulu, E Kaliman (ANTARA) - Residents of three villages in Long Pahangai Sub-district, Mahakam Ulu District (Mahulu), East Kalimantan, bordering with Malaysia, are currently receiving round-the-clock electricity through a solar power plant of 120 kilowatt peak (KWP) capacity.

"The three villages earlier received no electricity services from PLN (state-run electricity firm), but from November 2018, they were delighted after their villages got electrified," Yosepha Tening, acting sub-section head of Border Area Infrastructure Management of Mahulu District stated in Ujoh Bilang, Saturday.

The off grid centralized Solar Power Plant (PLTS) is a small-scale energy assistance of the Mineral and Energy Resources Office (ESDM) of East Kalimantan Province in 2018 that is divided into two locations for three villages.

The two locations comprise one on the left side of Mahakam River to serve the two villages of Kampung Delang Kerohong and Kampung Long Pakaq Baru.

Tening noted that at this point, 64-KWP PLTS is operational. These two villages have160 families spread across 128 houses, with each house having two to three households, with 149 customers, along with 25 public facilities.

The second location is at the right of the upstream of Mahakam, precisely in Long Pakaq Village, across from the New Long Pakaq Village. This village has 125 families spread across 111 houses.

At that point, the soalr power plant is operated with 56 KWP of power. A total of 123 customers avail electricity services in Kampung Long Pakaq along with 11 public facilities.

"Hence, the centralized PLTS constructed in 2018 offers a total power of 120 KWP and is utilized by 272 customers and 36 public facilities to be enjoyed by 285 families," Tening added.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Sri Haryati
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