Pontianak (ANTARA) - Local border security task force caught a person smuggling eggs and illegal goods from Malaysia on the Entikong border, Sanggau, West Kalimantan, Saturday, and handed him to the Entikong Agriculture Quarantine Station and Customs Office.

"This is testament to the fact that the task force continues to step up patrols on the border between Indonesia (West Kalimantan) and Malaysia, although it is on Lebaran (Muslim post-fasting festivities)," Task Force Commander Major Dwi Agung Prihanto remarked here on Saturday.

Task force members safeguarding the border arrested the perpetrator on Wednesday (June 5). They also intensified control on the border to stop the entry of illegal goods from Malaysia.

On Lebaran 2019, the task force further ramped up cross-border security to prevent people with vested interests from utilizing the momentum of the Muslim holidays to supply illegal products through unlawful means.

"We secured a car bearing police number KB-3244-QA and the driver, with the initials RND, carrying 13 kilograms of Australian cow leather, 30 kilograms of chicken claw, 32 packs of sausages, 100 kilograms of sugar, 540 eggs, a loudspeaker, two television sets, and 25 cans of poison grass," he noted.

Prihanto noted that RND's statement revealed that the items were smuggled through the forest route, to the right of the state cross-border post in Entikong. The items were intended to be marketed to the Sekayam area and its surroundings.

After being secured, RDN and evidence of the contraband, along with the car, have now been handed over by the task force to the Entikong Agricultural Quarantine Station and Entikong Customs Office.

"We have surrendered the perpetrator and evidence to the Quarantine for further investigations. We have surrendered all the evidence to the Entikong Agriculture Quarantine Station and Entikong Customs Office," he added. Related news: Two drug smugglers arrested and deported from Malaysia

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