Sepandan in Indonesia-Malaysia border area joins village race

Sepandan in Indonesia-Malaysia border area joins village race

Putussibau, Kapuas Hulu (ANTARA) - Sepandan Village, Batang Lupar District, lying in the Indonesia-Malaysia border area in the Kapuas Hulu District area, West Kalimantan, took part in a provincial-level village competition in the local area.

"Sepandan Village is a district-level competition winner and represents Kapuas Hulu for a provincial-level village competition," Antonius L. Ain Pamero, deputy district head of Kapuas Hulu, remarked while attending a provincial-level village competition assessment in Batang Lupar District, Kapuas Hulu, Friday.

Pamero noted that Sepandan Village is located in the northern crossing link that connects Putussibau to Badau, which is the entrance to neighboring Malaysia.

The Sepandan Village is also located in the Danau Sentarum National Park, one of the factors that has boosted economic growth of the community.

"Sepandan Village has a village 'website' that can provide information on the condition of the village," he stated.

In addition, Sepandan Island in the Danau Sentarum tourist area in Sepandan Village holds natural potential and has transportation to Sepandan Island that is managed through Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

Pamero highlighted the importance of village competitions as it is part of the efforts to drive accelerated development and competitive village development.

Moreover, it is an assessment of the extent of the community's role in participating in village development towards realizing better health and welfare of the community and as a means of assessing the development achievements in the village by gauging several aspects.

He noted that the Kapuas Hulu district government had also focused on development in rural areas, including through developing village economic activities and developing and promoting superior village products by expanding marketing in tune with the potential of their respective villages.

"We harbor hopes of Sepandan Village delivering satisfactory performance in provincial-level village competitions as well as of progress achieved in all villages in the Kapuas Hulu area," he stated. 

Kapuas Hulu District, located in the eastern part of West Kalimantan, directly adjacent to Malaysia, has 23 sub-districts, 278 villages, and four sub-districts, as well as the Betung Kerihun National Park and Lake Sentarum National Park, also a conservation district considered as the "heart" of Borneo and "lungs" of the world.