Jakarta (ANTARA) - TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto inaugurated 169 CareerCareer Officers (Pa PK) during the Prasetya Perwira (Praspa) Ceremony in 2019 at the Sapta Marga Field Military Academy (Akmil), Magelang, Central Java, Thursday.

TNI Pa PK are officers, with Bachelor's and Diploma qualifications, who are recruited to become TNI soldiers.

The 169 TNI Pa PKs sworn in comprised 81 AD personnel constituting 64 men and 17 women, 40 Indonesian Navy personnel consisting of 31 men and nine women, and 48 Indonesian Air Force personnel of 46 men and two women.

At the Prasetya Perwira Ceremony in 2019, the Trisura Jalu Wiratama award was bestowed on the best male graduates -- Second Lieutenant Ctp Zulhan Effendi and First Lieutenant Adm Zulfan -- while the best women graduates in the sea rank First Lieutenant Laut (K/W) drg Frida Fardanila Asmoro bagged the Trisura Wanodya Wiratama award.

The TNI commander reminded the Pa PK to constantly push the envelope and demonstrate concrete work in their army service. "I order the officers to never stop the process of self-development. Utilize the opportunities, including of further education, to hone capabilities and strengthen insights. Make the code of ethics for Officers Budhi Bhakti Wira Utama, Sapta Marga, Oath of Warriors, and Eight Mandatory TNI as the guidelines in fulfilling every assignment, wherever you are deployed," Marshal Tjahjanto emphasized.

The Praspa ceremony today was the initial commitment of the officers to serve the TNI, nation, and state, which must be fulfilled with the outlook of a knight, who is completely loyal to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Chairperson of Dharma Pertiwi Ny Nanny Hadi Tjahjanto, Navy Chief of Staff Admiral TNI Siwi Sukma Adji, Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI Yuyu Sutisna, Deputy Army Chief of Staff Lt Gen Tatang Sulaiman, Inspector General of the TNI, Kodiklat Commander of the Army, Commander TNI Kodiklat, commander of IV/Diponegoro regional military command, Governor of Akmil (the Military Academy), the police chief of Central Java, and all TNI officials and extended families of the newly appointed officers were attendees at the event.

Translator: Syaiful Hakim/Eliswan Azly
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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