Young officers should keep up with technological developments: Jokowi

Young officers should keep up with technological developments: Jokowi

Several Military Academy and Police Academy graduates were inaugurated as young officers by President Joko Widodo at the yard of the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Tuesday (July 16, 2019). (Agus Salim/bp)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged teenage officers, who graduated from the Police and Military Academy in 2019, to follow and stay abreast of swift scientific and technological developments, particularly pertaining to the military and police.

"You must follow and pursue the era of development," President Jokowi noted at the inauguration of the 2019 young officers at the yard of Merdeka Palace here on Tuesday.

The head of state pointed to wide-ranging developments in strategy, tactics, doctrine, and the weapons system in the military world.

Police officers are also required to adopt more sophisticated means and approaches in combating digital crimes, enforcing the law, maintaining security and order, ensuring protection, and offering service to the people.

"Everything must be handled with a swift response. All must be faced with a smart response," he emphasized.

The president stated that the 4.0 Industrial Revolution has given birth to several new-fangled technologies that are transforming the way of living of members of the international community, while social media has changed the way people communicate and interact.

"There are good effects, but there are also many risks. Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence have made it easier for us in many ways, including in the military and police. However, simultaneously, it also gives rise to new types of crimes that are our shared challenges," he pointed out.

The former Jakarta governor remarked that today's world is marked by widespread disruption, changes, and risks.

"The world is complex and full of surprises that are often far and beyond our calculations. Once again, speed, complexity, and unpredictability are new features of the international world that are changing today," he stated.

He reminded the young officers of the challenges and problems that have evolved significantly, thereby necessitating a change in tactics and strategies in handling them. We can no longer continue using the old ways and models.

"We are left with no other choice but to be fast, flexible, and smart. We must further master science and technology," he stated.

The president emphasized that all must be dealt with in a smart, precise, and professional manner, with mastery gained in science and technology.

"Hence, you are an important part of Indonesia's great quality human resources to build a sovereign and dignified Indonesia," Jokowi affirmed. Related news: Adept officers to occupy TNI's functional positions

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