Pangkalpinang, Riau (ANTARA) - The Myanmar government learned about a decentralization and regional autonomy system in Bangka Belitung Islands Province, noting that the conditions of the local government were similar to what is found in Myanmar.

"The Myanmar government has come to the Ministry of Home Affairs, The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs. Bangka Belitung Province was appointed to receive delegations from the country to study the Indonesian Government system," Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands Province Erzaldi Rosman Djohan said after receiving the Myanmar Delegation in Pangkalpinang on Wednesday.

He added that the Myanmar delegation, led by the Director General of Mining of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Myanmar Khin Latt Gyi, expressed interest in learning about the decentralization and regional autonomy system implemented by the Indonesian Government to quicken the development and prosperity of the community.

Mining in Myanmar is similar to Bangka Belitung Islands Province, including mining for tin ore and minerals.

"They want to learn about the regulations in Indonesia and hope it will be followed in Myanmar," he said.

Myanmar has experienced a transition from the earlier military government to decentralization and regional autonomy.

"The central government considers that Bangka Belitung is appropriate for the Myanmar delegation to learn about regional autonomy," Rosman Djohan

At the meeting, the Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands explained the system of government, especially the process of ratifying regional regulations, legislation and others.

In addition, he explained the history of tin ore mining, tourism, plantations and others.

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Translator: Aprionis, Azis Kurmala
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