Jakarta (ANTARA) - Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan has urged all regional governments in Indonesia to encourage community members to use eco-friendly and renewable energy sources to meet their electricity needs through household scaled solar panels.

"Our electricity consumption per year is at most 1,000 kWh per capita. This is very low. If, for example, it rises to 1,500 kWh, then there are only two choices, namely building a power plant that is not eco-friendly or using this (eco-friendly and renewable energy)," said Ignasius Jonan in campaign of the Million Solar Roof National Movement at the National Monument, Jakarta, Sunday.

He said that Indonesia which is located on the equator has an advantage of sun shining throughout the day, so it can supply large energy to the electricity needs of the community.

"I urge heads of districts, mayors, and governors to be aware of (energy and environment). They may negotiate this matter which result in an issuance of governor's regulation," he added.

Jonan said he proposed that the issuance of building permits (IMB) for above 250 square meters be given to applicants who meet an obligation to install household-scaled solar panels on their buildings' roofs. The application of this policy is expected to save 40 percent of the state-owned electricity company PLN's electricity usage.

As for buildings above 500 to 1000 square meters that have been established before this policy is made, the local government can give the owners a five-year time limit to install their solar energy sources.

In addition to encouraging the use of eco-friendly and renewable energy to regional governments, Ignasius Jonan also advised business entities and industries to be able to utilize the walls and roofs of their buildings for solar panels to be installed.

The effort is expected to be able to push 10 percent of the energy transfer in the business and industrial sectors from the non-eco-friendly to clean energy sources, he said, adding that it could be completed within the next five years. At present, there are 10 million PLN customers engaged in the business, industrial and social sectors.

"This will help the use of eco-friendly energy," said this former Managing Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

The government has set a target of obtaining 23 percent of renewable energy usage by 2025 and 31 percent by 2050 as agreed in the Paris Agreement.

Translator: Sugiharto/Eliswan Azly
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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