In 2018, DKI Jakarta scored the IDI of 85.08 points. There was an increase of 0.35 points from the previous year (2017)
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Special Capital Region (DKI) of Jakarta has been awarded the province with the highest Indonesian Democracy Index (IDI) in the country in 2018 with 85.08 points out of 100 with "good" rating, Head of the Central Statistics Agency Suhariyanto has said.

"In 2018, DKI Jakarta scored the IDI of 85.08 points. There was an increase of 0.35 points from the previous year (2017)," he said when delivering IDI 2018 data at the BPS Office in Central Jakarta Monday. Jakarta had aspects of civil liberties and aspects of democratic institutions with high points, namely 95.09 and 87.82, Suhariyanto further added. However, in terms of political rights, Jakarta is still in the "fair" category with 75.43 points.

"However, this still gives Jakarta the highest IDI score like the previous year, and instead it keeps on increasing," he added.

The second highest rank in IDI score is Bali Province with 82.37 points, followed by East Nusa Tenggara in third place with a thin IDI point difference with Bali of 82.32.

The Indonesian Democracy Index (IDI) is a composite (single) indicator that shows the level of development of democracy in Indonesia. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) works with cross-ministries and a number of experts to compile this annual data.

BPS has released the IDI in 2018 and explained that the national IDI reached 72.39 points. This proves to have recorded a rise if compared to 2017 whose percentage is only 72.11 points.

The IDI has three possible ratings: poor (below 60 points), fair (60-80 points) and good (above 80 points). The index is aimed to provide an illustration of the development of political democracy in Indonesia through statistics.

To arrange the index, BPS worked with four institutions, namely the National Development Planning Agency, the Home Ministry, the Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Ministry and the United Nations Development Program.

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