Purwakarta, West Java (ANTARA) - The police are still investigating the cause of the fatal accident that killed 6 people in Cipularang toll roads, Purwakarta District, West Java, on Monday.

Adjunct Commissioner Ricki Adisaputro, head of the traffic section of the Purwakarta Police, said six people were killed and six cars gutted in a collision involving 15 vehicles at the Cipularang toll road's KM 91+400 in Purwakarta.

"We, and personnel of (state-owned toll operator) PT Jasa Marga and others are still evacuating the victims from the scene of the accident," he added.

Apart from cars, the 15 vehicles involved the collision included trucks and buses, the Purwakarta Police Office, said here Monday. Ten others were injured in the accident.

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The victims were taken to nearby hospitals including Bayu Asih Public Hospital, Siloam Hospital and Thamrin Hospital in Purwakarta.

The pile-up caused severe traffic jams on the toll road that connects Jakarta and Bandung, West Java.

Earlier, spokesman of state-owned toll operator PT Jasa Marga Tbk Dwimawan Heru had said that no less than 10 vehicles were involved in this lethal accident, adding that the Jasa Marga personnel and traffic policemen assisted in evacuating the dead and wounded from the accident site.

The police officers also helped to manage traffic on the toll road connecting cities in West Java, Heru remarked.

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Reporter: M, Ali Khumaini, Fardah
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