Jakarta (ANTARA) - The House of Representatives (DPR) acquired a budget totaling Rp5.11 trillion in the 2020 State Budget (APBN) to be directed for operational and non-operational expenditure.

On the basis of the report of the Central Government Budget Work Committee of the DPR's budgetary board (Banggar) received in Jakarta on Wednesday, the amount increased by Rp833 billion, from the initial ceiling of the state budget plan worth Rp4.28 trillion.

The provision of additional ceiling is aimed at fulfilling legislative functions, targeting institutional strengthening, and ensuring management and expertise support for the council's functions.

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On the basis of results of the work committee meeting, the additional funds were derived from the reallocation of various other ministry expenditures.

In spite of a ceiling hike, DPR's budget is not as high as its budget ceiling for spending of Rp5.7 trillion in 2019.

Earlier, the Work Plan and Budgetary Documents for the Ministry of State/Institution in Budget Year 2020 prior to the results of the work committee discussion stated that the DPR had received a budget of Rp4.28 trillion.

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The budget ceiling will be utilized to support the implementation of legislative, budgetary, and supervisory functions.

Of the Rp4.28 trillion, 44.4 percent will be channeled for operational expenditure and 55.6 percent for non-operational expenditure.

During the 2015-2019 period, the DPR's budget tended to fluctuate though growing by an average of 19 percent.

The budgetary growth accommodated planned activities for the construction of the DPR building and stepped up activities to absorb the aspirations of board members.

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In 2020, the DPR will work towards constantly bolstering institutions to support national development within the framework of the people's representation and enhancing the quality of implementation of the legislative, budgetary, and supervisory functions that support development.

Furthermore, the Parliament will continue to improve the quality of administration and the DPR hearing.

So far, the DPR's priority activities entail absorbing people's aspirations, drafting legislation, and applying the legislative, budgetary, and supervisory functions. EDITED BY INE

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