There are nine aspects which are crucial for export and investment in this global competition
Jakarta (ANTARA) - To boost the country's export and investment amidst the trade war between the United States and China, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) has recommended development in nine aspects. "There are nine aspects which are crucial for export and investment in this global competition," Kadin's Deputy Chief for International Relations Shinta W Kamdani said on the sidelines of the Kadin National Working Meeting here Tuesday.

Shinta conveyed the nine aspects as logistical reform; workforce productivity; taxation, incentive and two-way investment; export opportunity for Indonesian goods; international marketing and export by SMEs; standardization and certification; export and investment competitiveness in the era of industry 4.0; free trade agreement and policy reform, and public and private institution reforms.

"Some recommendations that need to be heeded are logistical reforms, workforce productivity, taxation and investment, and export of Indonesian goods to the global market," she continued.

The government and business operators should work closely to map regions that could be used as centers for logistical as well as industrial activities.

"Develop integrated logistical infrastructure, while at the same time increase investment and cooperation in the logistical system, transportation and infrastructure," she said.

On the development of human resource and workforce productivity, Kadin has recommended improvements in the quality of education, curriculum, and teachers' competence.

With regard to taxation and investment, the government should provide simple and transparent procedures for licensing, Kamdani said. (INE)
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Reporter: Zubi Mahrofi, Sri Haryati
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