Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) Chairperson Unifah Rosyidi expressed belief that teachers have become the epicenter of change in the path toward advancing Indonesia.

"To this end, we should pay attention to teachers, starting from fulfilling their needs as well as focusing on boosting their professionalism, welfare, training, and protection," Rosyidi emphasized in Jakarta on Monday.

He pointed to the rapid advancements in technology, communication, and information and their impact on the learning process in schools.

The PGRI remains committed to the importance of literacy, particularly digital literacy for teachers, students, and parents.

"Let us build mutual awareness that the classroom is no longer the only space for learning, and the teacher is no longer the only source of information and knowledge," she noted.

The digital age has brought about a shift in the role of teachers. Rosyidi believes that the teachers should teach students in a manner that stokes their curiosity to encourage them to become independent learners.

"This is what must be continually instilled, and awareness must be raised among teachers to conduct their main duties as educators," Rosyidi noted.

Furthermore, Rosyidi stressed that technology could not replace teachers, thereby implying that teachers possessing professionalism and integrity will continue to be the vanguards in tackling global issues.

She noted that teachers, who are true to their profession, devoted themselves to the progress of students and improving their quality as well as continuing to innovate to get the best practices in conducting their duties.

Professional teachers also treated students equally without differentiating on the basis of any background, made the classroom a home of change, and maintained tolerance.

"A teacher realizes that diversity is a necessity, and one who views differences as a gift, plays the role of unifying the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)," she added. Related news: President urges PGRI to remain instrumental in strengthening pluralism
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