Nunukan, N Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Illicit drugs smuggled by members of international syndicates from Malaysia into Indonesia through Nunukan District in North Kalimantan have been a threat to the implementation of four pillars of the nation, a police officer stated.

To tackle this challenging condition, Nunukan Police Deputy Chief Commissioner Imam Muhadi has called on local community members on Friday to implement the values of the four national pillars in safeguarding themselves from drug-related threats.

The four pillars of the nation are the state ideology of Pancasila, State's Constitution UUD 1945, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), and Unity in Diversity or Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

In fact, the local police have met continued success in stalling the attempts of transnational drug traffickers to smuggle packs of crystal methamphetamine from Malaysia into Indonesia through Nunukan, he stated.

The most recent success story is the local police's ability to thwart the smuggling of tens of kilograms of crystal meth to be shipped to Parepare City in South Sulawesi Province, he remarked.

Nunukan District is a well-identified gateway of transnational drug syndicates to smuggle illicit drugs from Malaysia into the Indonesian territory, Imam Muhadi pointed out.

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Those involved in drug crimes are apparently against the values of the four pillars of the nation. Indonesian citizens should always hold their nation, state, and faith in high regard. In contrast, drug smugglers and drug dealers violate the values of these pillars.

Hence, Imam Muhadi urged all community members in Nunukan District to not become engulfed in drug trafficking activities and also drug consumption.

In its place, they are encouraged to apply the values of the nation's four pillars, including the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in their daily lives since with such defence system in place, they are able to get rid of any drug-related crime, he stated.

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Indonesia remains under grave threat from drug traffickers, as several individuals from its working-age population have become embroiled in a vicious circle.

The National Narcotics Agency's (BNN's) report on some 50 Indonesians dying of drug use daily has failed to put off addicts.

People across communities and distinct socio-economic and cultural backgrounds use crystal methamphetamine, narcotics, marijuana, and other addictive drugs.
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