A sea of lanterns bedazzle Singkawang's Chinese New Year celebrations

A sea of lanterns bedazzle Singkawang's Chinese New Year celebrations

The red lanterns to welcome Chinese New Year dangle over a street in Singkawang, West Kalimantan. (ANTARA/Rendra Oxtora)

Oval-shaped lanterns were hung up on many lines across several streets in the city
Pontianak (ANTARA) - Singkawang City in West Kalimantan has been bedecked with some 10 thousand festive red lanterns, emblematic of the Chinese New Year, across the "1000 Chinese Temple" city.

Oval-shaped lanterns dangle on several lines across numerous streets in the city, Tjhai Leonardi, project officer of the Chinese New Year celebration in Singkawang, stated on Tuesday.

As Chinese New Year 2571 will be celebrated on January 25, 2020, followed by Cap Go Meh, or the 15th day of it, falling on February 8, 2020, various festivals are scheduled to take place at the Singkawang Kridasana Stadium from January 23 to February 9.

A replica of an eight-tier pagoda, reaching 20.20 meters high and 15 meters wide, as well as a replica of a couple of 2.5-meter rats will enliven the festive ambiance of 2020, the Year of Metal Rat.

"We manage two stages at the location where some multi-ethnic art and cultural performances will take place, while the products of small and medium enterprises will also be showcased," Leonardi revealed. Related news: Jokowi attends 2019 national Chinese New Year celebration
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