A cargo ship sinks in Belitung waters

A cargo ship sinks in Belitung waters

A search and rescue team (SAR) evacuated all crew of KM EL no.2 cargo ship which capsized in Belitung waters on Sunday (Jan 12, 2020). (ANTARA/Kasmono/sh)

Belitung,Babel (ANTARA) - A cargo ship carrying building materials capsized in Belitung Island waters, Bangka Belitung Province, on Sunday, on its way from Sunda Kelapa Port in Jakarta to Pontianak, West Kalimantan, due to bad weather.

All crew members of  KM EL No. 2  survived, an officer of Tanjung Pandan Port Authority Fadli said in Tanjung Pandan.

"The ship sank in the northeast waters around Mendulu Island due to bad weather," Fadli added.

The cargo ship carried cement, iron and other building materials sank at the coordinate of 03°03'079"S- 107 28'043" E in which part of the motor vessel's body still stayed afloat.

The ship departed from Sunda Kelapa Port on Thursday (Jan 9) at 7.55 a.m., but it was hit by a 2,5-3 meter high wave.

Fadli said, learning from the ship's sinking position, there might be a leak in the ship's bow. "It also sank fast as it carried cement, iron and other building materials."

All  of the crew jumped from their sinking ship into the sea at 03.00 a.m. They were evacuated by KM Tetap Jaya which happened to pass through the waters at 5.00 a.m. to Tanjung Pandan Port.

"Thank God at 09.00 a.m. they arrived at Tanjung Pandan Port after being evacuated and all crew survived," he said.

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