This treatment from upstream to downstream must be one line; we cannot work individually
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has issued directives to local governments and related ministries to conduct integrated water management from upstream to downstream to prevent flooding.

"This treatment from upstream to downstream must be one line; we cannot work individually," the President said during a discussion with the media at the Merdeka Palace, here Friday. Three areas that must be addressed are the upstream, middle, and downstream areas, he emphasized.

For the upstream region, the President stressed the need to build dams and rehabilitate forests.

The central government is building two dams - Sukamahi Dam and Ciawi Dam, in Bogor District, and their construction is expected to be completed this year.

Re-greening by planting trees is also important for water infiltration and reducing the rate of water to lower areas.

In the middle region, the river also needs to be widened.

The concept of river widening, both normalization and naturalization, is fine as long as everything is carried out well, according to him.

As for the downstream area, reservoirs must be maintained and even added, the President ordered.

The number of pumps in several reservoirs must also be increased, he added.

"This development is gradual, but it must be done immediately. Previously, a western flood canal was built, and later an east flood canal construction followed. Go ahead with normalization of Ciliwung River and Pesanggrahan River. The most important thing is they must be done immediately. That's my principle," the President said.

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