One needs to acknowledge first that predicting the future through Chinese metaphysics is a misconception
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The curtains have risen for the rat to take over 2020 while being paired with the metal element, and as per the Chinese calculation, it could be cold and misty along the way. One needs to acknowledge first that predicting the future through Chinese metaphysics is a misconception, Fengshui Master Yulius Fang stated in a disclaimer before starting his interpretation.

The term of Fengshui, meaning the air and the water in Chinese originally refers to the way a human being observes the energy of nature towards a building and then analyzes or even manipulates it for the sake of human benefits.

As a human himself is not always related to a building, astrology fills the slot in telling someone's luck based on their year of birth, the shio.

The future of a society, nation, or the global condition using the "Chinese definition" can be interpreted the same way.

However, these three Chinese methods could be combined since they are using the same powers: yin-yang as well as the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Yin is linked to feminine feature energy as such cold, dark, passive, subtle, the negative pole while yang has contrasting features as it is considered the positive pole.

"These two things are not meant to oppose, yet they complete each other. Yin and yang exist to strike a balance over the earth," Yulius, who manages his own Fengshui consulting program at noted.

Marking this Year of the Metal Rat, the master said, "If yang has reached the extreme point, then yin will be prevailed upon, as in politics, if the ruling class oppresses its people, the people will come up with their resistance."

The rat itself represents the minor water element, the things that can be seen but are untouchable - not the real-life animal or its features.

By the minor water element, we mean it adopts the characteristics of the natural phenomenon of mist, haze, vapor, which is on the positive side and could be wise, gentle, and adaptive, while on its negative side it could be worried, anxious, avoidant.

Metal as the major element, more or less, can be imagined to be an axe, sword, or some metal-made things. It is linked to heroism, bravery, and risk-taking, as well as impulsiveness.

When the two elements combine, "it is in their nature to be dominant in cold energy, which means people tend to turn to their dark side."

Loss of optimism and lack of euphoric moments in any aspects of life might be the closest characteristics of this metal rat year.

If we relate these characteristics to a real-life situation, as the 46-year old man predicted, this year is going to be fulfilled with anticipative people protests, fightback by society all around the world with applied terms and conditions.

"It will not be a political-friendly year, for instance in Indonesia we are going to face the coincidental moment of local elections which predict a chaotic situation," Yulius said.

Several regions are potentially the locations of chaotic events that will take place, such as Medan, Makassar, and some cities in East Java, as Yulius mentioned.

Not solely for political reasons, the metal rat's pessimism could happen over another life aspect, including natural disasters of which water hazard still dominates in the first term of the year, while anomaly disasters are predicted in the second term.

The ugly truth is hard to avoid, hence concerned people could manage self-control to survive the event.

Luck and bad luck

However, for some people, this metal rat 2020 might be their year as they are considered lucky, according to shio. Those with the shio of an ox, dragon, and monkey are likely to enjoy the year.

Some who own the shio of the snake, dog, tiger and pig will have a harmonious life this year since "their luck and bad luck events could meet in balance, though they tend to have more luck."

For people who specifically own the shio of the metal rat, it means the 60-year shio and five-element combination cycles turn every 60 years. "It will be a very outstanding year of the metal rat - either extremely good or extremely bad, depending on one’s actions."

Yet the bad luck team must be in their position – again, to balance a bigger frame of earth life. Bad luck could happen in many ways, including illness, and economic losses.

"But, ciong (bad luck) could be interpreted as a shifting event that impacts people in experiencing instability and inconvenience in life. It is tantamount to the kind of examination of life we need to upgrade to in the next level," Yulius explained.

"People with the shio of a horse, goat, rooster, rabbit and rat must prepare themselves because 'winter is coming'. And the safest path to take is mitigation, to reduce its severity," he emphasized.

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