The number of Indonesians in mainland China has reached 1,890 people and all are confirmed to be in good health
Jakarta (ANTARA) - None of the Indonesians in mainland China have been diagnosed with the coronavirus even as the death toll on Tuesday reached 1,015 in China, the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing has confirmed. "The number of Indonesians in mainland China has reached 1,890 people and all are confirmed to be in good health," Indonesian Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun said in a statement here Tuesday.

Data from the Presidential Office's information center for 2019 nCoV showed that as of 8 a.m. on Tuesday 3,957 persons who had contracted the virus had recovered.

The virus has infected 42,859 people mostly in mainland China.

The embassy has intensified communication with the Indonesians living in the country, Oratmangun said.

The embassy has applauded the Association of Indonesian Students (PPI) in China that has continuously communicated with Indonesian students.

"We intensified communication through broadcasts via WhatsApp and WeChat or direct calls," the ambassador said.

The Indonesian Embassy has also continued to monitor the condition of the three Indonesians who could not be airlifted along with 238 of their countrymen after they failed the health screening conducted by the authority in China.

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"We will ensure logistical supply to them," he said, adding that logistical distribution to Wuhan in Hubei Province has yet to return to normal.

All staffers of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing are in good health, he assured.

"All are in good health and continue to monitor the development of the coronavirus outbreak. Now we have an exercise every morning," he said. (INE)

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