This case remains under police investigation. Yesterday, a suspect identified by her initials IF alias FLO had been apprehended
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Metropolitan Police are still investigating a drug ring that supplied psychotropic drugs to Lucinta Luna, a transgender celebrity, arrested during the police's drug raid at Thamrin Residence Apartment, Central Jakarta, early Tuesday.

"This case remains under police investigation. Yesterday, a suspect identified by her initials IF alias FLO had been apprehended," Jakarta Metropolitan Police Spokesman Sen. Coms. Yusri Yunus told journalists here Thursday.

The police investigators are still focusing on IF's drug ring and several people suspected of being involved in the Luna case, he said, adding that the new development of this drug offence would be revealed Friday.

Based on Luna's confession, IF alias FLO, owner of a beauty salon in South Jakarta, was nabbed in South Jakarta for allegedly selling psychotropic drugs, Yunus said.

The drug raid that the police conducted early Tuesday resulted in the arrest of Luna, 30, who was born as Muhammad Fatah, and seizure of two ecstasy pills as well as seven and five pills, respectively, of psychotropic drugs called "riklona" and "tramadol".

The police investigators charged Luna with Law No.35/2009 on Narcotics and Law No.5/1997 on Psychotropic Substances with which she is subject to five years in prison.

Indonesia's world of entertainment remains vulnerable to drugs as apparently revealed by the arrests of Luna and many other entertainers.

Over the past three years, besides Luna, several other entertainers who were apprehended for drug offences are Ammar Zoni, Rio Reifan, Roro Fitria, Fachri Albar, Fariz RM, Jennifer Dunn, Steve Emmanuel, Zul Zivilia, Jefri Nichol, Tri Retno Prayudati alias Nunung Srimulat, and Nanie Darham.

The more recent case that drew significant attention was of female movie star Nanie Darham being arrested in Jakarta on February 2 for allegedly trading cocaine, with police investigators accusing her of obtaining it from a drug lord outside Indonesia through social media platforms.

"The illicit drug is received from a drug trafficker outside Indonesia by ordering it through social media platforms by using a method of delivery," Yunus stated. (INE)

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