Badung (ANTARA) -
Thousands of residents in the Munggu Village area, Badung District, Bali Province, participated in the "Mekotek" tradition, also known as "Ngerebek", which was performed during the celebration of Kuningan Day.

"The entire community of Munggu Village, Mengwi, is obliged to follow this tradition. The number of families here is around 1,200, so around 4,000 people are from 12 traditional banjars," Head of Munggu Indigenous Village I Made Rai Sujana said in Badung on Saturday.

He explained, the Mekotek Tradition is routinely carried out every six months to coincide with Kuningan Day which is celebrated by Hindus.

The series of traditions begins when the residents tour the village which starts from Puseh Temple until they return to Puseh Temple, the local traditional village.

During the ritual, a joint prayer was held at Pura Dalem.

"When the Ngerebek was finished, the residents also joined the prayer again," Made Rai Sujana said.

He explained, the Mekotek tradition is always carried out by residents to reject calamity and drive out evil spirits that are believed to disturb the residents of Munggu Village.

"We also carry out this tradition at every intersection and at the t-junction in the village because we believe that evil spirits that can disturb villagers when they are at a crossroads," he said.

While touring the village, thousands of young people who follow the Mekotek Tradition carry sticks or long poles made of wood.

While walking around, occasionally residents who carry sticks also unite their pole sticks and create formation like a pyramid.

Then, the formation will be climbed by several other young people at each crossroads in the village.

The name "Mekotek", is taken from the word "tek-tek" or is a sound that emerges from the sound of pole wood that is put together by citizens who accumulate with each other so that it causes a sound.

Reporter: Naufal Fikri, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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