Otherwise, PM Modi will solely shoulder the responsibility for all the harm inflicted on humanity caused by his policy
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Asia Democracy Network (ADN) has reaffirmed the call of civil society in Asia to re-establish the rule of law and freedoms in India.

"Prime Minister Modi should not let the wounds of existing political divisions in India fester. This is not about ethnicity or religion that have coexisted in the region but rather the unpleasant atmosphere of intolerance brought about by the ruling government’s policies," ADN’s Secretary-General, Ichal Supriadi, noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday.

PM Modi’s government should channel all-out efforts to tackle this situation before it snowballs into a bigger national tragedy and hurts the sentiments in neighboring states.

"Otherwise, PM Modi will solely shoulder the responsibility for all the harm inflicted on humanity caused by his policy," Supriadi cautioned.

In the wake of the ongoing pointless violence in New Delhi and other states, we condemn the violent episodes and the failure of India’s governmental authorities in staving off and de-escalating the situation.

Furthermore, as the world’s largest democratic state, India has the duty to ensure equality and harmonious coexistence among its citizens. The ADN has called on India to strive to do away with messages and state policies that fuel discrimination and isolation of ethnic and religious minorities.

As early as December 2019, India has been bearing witness to internal turmoil arising from a controversial citizenship law, known as the “Citizenship Amendment Act” (CAA), deemed by its critics as violative of the secular nature of Indian democracy, he stated.

The CAA was backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with the intent of offering a more lax mechanism and a less stringent requirement scheme to acquire Indian citizenship for religious minorities from the country’s Muslim-majority neighbors.

The communal attacks resulted in injuries to over 250 people in addition to claiming 42 lives recorded as of February 29.

News reports confirmed that the attacks were orchestrated by communal mobs and that some members of the New Delhi Police Force tacitly and outrightly took the side of the perpetrators.

The police force was also accused of employing disproportionate force against those protesting against the CAA. Furthermore, several journalists and ambulance services were also harmed in numerous instances, with the intent of hindering the relay of information and medical aid into the clash areas.

In a genuine democracy, discrimination and the violence resulting from it should not exist.

"We implore Indian authorities to conduct an investigation into those behind the attacks, as well as the involvement of the New Delhi Police in the violence and the extent of their abuse of power," Supriadi emphasized.

We also call upon the Indian authorities to ensure that the right to expression and peaceful assembly are guaranteed to the citizens, the rule of law is protected, and an assurance is made of bringing to justice the orchestrators of this pointless violence. We sincerely hope futile violence of this magnitude will not occur again, he stated. Related news: MUI expresses condemnation over barbaric attack on Indian Muslims

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