Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has suggested that Wisma Atlet in Kemayoran and hotels owned by state-owned companies (SOEs) be utilized to treat patients afflicted with coronavirus or COVID-19, as and when the need arises.

The president put forth the suggestion as part of the contingency plan that he had ordered to be prepared during a video conference of the COVID-19 Task Force Report at the Merdeka Palace, on Thursday.

"Prepare a contingency plan for health services, referral hospitals or other mobilized hospitals, such as those owned by SOEs, military or police, private or even emergency hospitals if needed. (We can also) use Wisma Atlet in Kemayoran and hotels owned by the SOEs," Jokowi noted.

Wisma Atlet, comprising 10 apartment buildings for athletes, has a capacity for some 15 thousand people.

Located in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, it was earlier used by athletes, who competed in sports events in Indonesia, including the 2018 Asian Games.

According to the president, a contingency plan must also be prepared in handling COVID-19 in the regions, including expediting the hospital construction work in Galang Island, Riau Islands.

However, he stressed the main priority was currently to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hence, Jokowi highlighted the importance of reducing the mobility of people through social distancing.

"We continue to intensify the importance of disseminating information on social distancing and reducing congregation of people that carries a risk of spreading the disease. These three things are important, and we continue to repeat, to reduce the mobility of people from one place to another, maintain safe distance, and reduce crowding that carries risks," Jokowi emphasized. Related news: Indonesia's several hotels to serve as emergency hospitals: government
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Reporter: Rangga Pandu AJ/Yashinta Difa
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