Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Military Force (TNI) has distributed 151,000 pieces of protective equipment out of 170,000 in the national stock stored in the Halim Perdana Kusuma Air Force Base in Jakarta.

"The gear was first given to areas with transportation difficulties," Colonel Aditya Nindra Pasha from the TNI's Domestic Staff Operations said on Friday in Jakarta.

He added that the distribution of protective equipment had been carried out via two modes.

In the latest round of distributions, the TNI had assisted, supported, or carried out distribution in the provinces of Papua and West Papua, as well as a number of border regions, as part of efforts to accelerate the fulfillment of protective gear requirements in the areas.

Colonel Pasha explained each province had also utilized a second mode of distribution.

"They sent their contacts from areas in Jakarta, who then came to take the personal protective equipment," he said.

The military had then helped them by providing transportation originating from each region so distribution could be carried out faster and the need for protective gear of each region could be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, 19,000 pieces of protective gear currently remain in the national stock. They have been allocated for Riau, Jambi, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Gorontalo, and Central Sulawesi.

The allocated gear would be handed over to the task forces in the provinces. "The priority of gear distribution is under the jurisdiction of each task force," said Colonel Pasha adding, the task forces have data on spots in their area that urgently need protective gear.

He expressed the hope that the people of each area would keep communication lines open with their local task forces. "Hospitals in the area can communicate with their local task force so that they can obtain the allocated gear that has been distributed," he said. (INE)


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