Kendari (ANTARA) - A total of 1,115 people are currently under monitoring (ODP) over the coronavirus infection, according to the Southeast Sulawesi Task Force of COVID-19 Response.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the province reportedly has 2,498 ODP of whom 1,383 people recovered, while 1,115 are currently still being monitored.

The number of patients under surveillance (PDP) in the province totals 17, rising from 15 on the previous day, the Task Force's spokesman, Dr La Ode Rabiul Awal, stated here on Saturday.

"Of the 17 people, five have completed the PDP period, while 12 are in the process," he noted.

Three people had tested positive for coronavirus in Southeast Sulawesi, he remarked.

The 2,498 ODP were found in 17 districts and cities in Southeast Sulawesi, including 490 people in South Buton, 215 in Central Buton, 113 in Kendari, 484 in Baubau, 50 in Kolaka, 69 in Konawe, 57 in Muna, 41 in Buton, 42 in South Konawe (Konsel), 109 in North Kolaka, 323 in Wakatobi, 271 in Bombana, 10 in North Konawe, 48 in North Buton, 60 in East Kolaka, 32 in Konawe Islands, and 58 in West Muna. Related news: 174 Jakarta residents under ODP, 152 others under PDP for COVID-19
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