Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Pol Idham Azis has issued a telegram letter containing guidelines for implementation of the criminal investigation department’s functions pertaining to food availability and distribution processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issuance of the police chief's telegram letter was confirmed by Head of the National Police's Criminal Investigation Department Commissioner General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, who signed the letter, representing the National Police Chief.

"The letter explains the guidelines for fulfilling tasks and handling cases related to food availability and the distribution process during the period to prevent the spread of COVID-19," Commissioner General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo remarked when contacted on Sunday.

The telegram letter number: ST/1099/IV/HUK.7.1./2020, dated April 4, 2020, highlights several types of violations or crimes that may committed in the form of the pricing and stockpiling of goods and parties that may obstruct or inhibit food distribution channels.

The National Police's ranks were called on to identify and map out troublemakers that can potentially commit crimes to exploit the COVID-19 outbreak situation.

Through the telegram letter, National Police Chief Idham Azis has urged his staff to collaborate with stakeholders to ascertain the availability of food and campaign for food availability and distribution.

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The Police chief also highlighted efforts to address the scarcity of staples, including sugar, garlic, and onions, by encouraging importers to immediately import and refined sugar factories to produce consumption sugar to overcome the scarcity of the commodity.

Moreover, the National Police is also urged to place escorts to expedite and oversee the distribution of food supplies from warehouses to markets and consumers.

Investigators are also called on to be dynamic and adaptive as a precautionary measure against various complex threats and crimes on social media related to the dissemination of hoax content and expressions of hatred that can affect the public.

The National Police is called on to conduct stringent law enforcement and notify the public of cases that were successfully exposed to serve as a deterrent effect and prevent similar crimes in future.

The Chief of Police's Telegram letter was addressed to the head of National Police's Criminal Investigation Department and all regional police chiefs.

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