Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that the Garuda Bhayangkara peacekeeping troops, which are part of the UN peacekeeping operation Formed Police Unit (FPU) 5 Minusca, could increase international trust in Indonesia.

During the Garuda Bhayangkara FPU 5 Minusca send-off ceremony to Central Africa on Tuesday, the general reminded the 140 personnel of the National Police to give their best in carrying out their duties.

"As President Joko Widodo once said, with high international trust, our credibility will be more recognized and our sovereignty will be more respected," Prabowo remarked.

The National Police rotated the Garuda Bhayangkara peacekeeper troops from the FPU 4 Minusca contingent, which had completed their duties in Central Africa, to the FPU 5 Minusca contingent.

Prabowo remarked that the contingent of the Garuda Bhayangkara FPU 5 Minusca comprised 116 men and 24 women from the National Police and will serve for a year.

He also expressed hope that these troops would be able to emulate the performance of the previous contingent by clinching awards from international organizations, the government, and the local police.

The general highlighted that Indonesia had been involved in UN peacekeeping missions since 1957 during the UN Emergency Force mission in Sinai, with limited tasks to maintaining a ceasefire and stabilizing conflict situations.

The demands of these limited tasks then increased to implementing peace agreements between parties in conflict; handling sexual violence, terrorism, and radicalism; and conducting law enforcement, he stated.

Since 1989, the National Police has deployed 3,184 personnel to join the FPU and Individual Police Unit duties on 21 missions in 19 countries. Most of the Indonesian police serving in UN peacekeeping operations are deployed as part of the FPU.

"We were ranked 11th in the category of state police that contributed the most to the UN peacekeeping mission or police-contributing country," Prabowo stated.

Meanwhile, in 2023, the National Police is ranked first in the ASEAN for its diplomatic influence and ranked nineth out of 26 countries in terms of comprehensive strength, he remarked.

In addition, the general drew attention of the FPU 5 Minusca troops to five points. First, he called on the troops to increase their faith and devotion to God, while second, the troops should be able to adapt to the mission area and avoid all forms of deviation to maintain the good name of the National Police and Indonesian institutions.

Third, Prabowo urged them to prioritize protection for the community. Fourth, all peacekeeping personnel should maintain internal cooperation and solidity and also synergize with contingents from other countries, local government, local police, and international organizations to support the implementation of their duties.

"Lastly, I wish you good luck on your duty. I entrust the name of the National Police and the country to all of you who are deployed to Central Africa. Please be safe until your return to Indonesia," he stated.

Translator: Laily Rahmawaty, Resinta S
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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