Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) has said that congregants can skip the Eid al-Fitr prayer, which is performed in a group, if the coronavirus pandemic remains uncontrolled.

"From the MUI's fatwa, I can say that if the situation remains uncontrollable, then the Eid al-Fitr prayer can be skipped," the council's secretary general Anwar Abbas said here on Wednesday.

Abbas was referring to the MUI's fatwa number 14/2020 on congregational prayers during the COVID-19 pandemic, signed by chairman of its Fatwa Commission, Hasanuddin AF, and commission secretary, Asrorun Niam Sholeh.

Once the situation improves, Eid prayers can be offered by following the health protocol, Abbas clarified.

The MUI will consult the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) and the Health Ministry on the issue.

"Whether or not we can perform congregational prayers, we will consult, not the Religious Affairs Ministry, but the BNPB and the Health Ministry," Abbas said.

Chairman of MUI's Fatwa Commission, Hasanuddin AF, had previously said that Muslims have been barred from performing Friday prayers in any region where the pandemic has spread out of control.

"Until the situation returns to normal, and we have to replace (the Friday prayer) with the Dzuhur prayer at home," he said.

Given the current situation, he said, Muslims should avoid performing other congregational prayers, tarawih, and Eid prayer in mosques or other public places to avoid coronavirus transmission. (INE)

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