84% of driver partners pleased with Gojek social assistance: survey

84% of driver partners pleased with Gojek social assistance: survey

An official with "Posko Aman Bersama Gojek" checks the body temperature of a driver partner at a checkpoint in Jakarta on April 22, 2020. (ANTARA / Ho-Gojek)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A survey of 41,393 Gojek driver partners has shown a majority of them, or around 84 percent, appreciated the support provided by the application provider company in the form of social assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The survey was conducted by the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LD FEB UI).


"The results of this research are very interesting, considering that the workers and the company's ecosystem were very much affected by the pandemic and the imposition of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB)," deputy head of LD FEB UI, Dr. Walandouw's Paksi, said in a written statement released on Wednesday in Jakarta.


The survey entitled ‘The Experience of Gojek Driver Partners During the COVID-19 Pandemic’ aimed to analyze the impact of economic pressures due to the pandemic on informal workers. It has found that companies, driver partners, and consumers in one ecosystem helped each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The survey has found that the majority of driver partners (89 percent) received social assistance from Gojek, and drivers also received social assistance from consumers (21 percent) and from fellow partners (5 percent). In addition, driver partners received government assistance for communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thus, Paksi noted, the research has shown that, in the midst of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, part of the company's ecosystem is still working to help those in need. The social assistance that has flowed from Gojek to partners, from consumers to partners, and even between partners has proved beneficial.


"This spirit of mutual assistance is what we see as an attitude of resilience, helping hand in hand, as well as optimism that disasters can be faced together," Paksi remarked.


According to Paksi, the research has also shown that social assistance received by drivers is related to whether or not they want to stay on with Gojek, indicating that the more a partner feels appreciated, the longer he or she would remain with the company.


Overall, almost all partners (89 percent) still plan to continue their partnership and most partners (73 percent) are optimistic that driver incomes will return to what they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, as per the survey.


"This partner's optimism is interesting because it shows the existence of the driver's confidence in the digital economic ecosystem as a place to make a living, and the resilience of this business, which has currently been able to survive in times of crisis," Paksi opined.


Contacted separately, Gojek's head of corporate affairs, Nila Marita, said that since the beginning of the pandemic, Gojek has continued to make every effort to help partners through this difficult time.


"One of our main focuses has been to ease the burden of expenditure and ensure the safety and health of partners that are the mainstay of the community. We have designed this assistance program carefully so that it can be carried out on a large scale, reaching as many partners as possible so as to provide optimal benefits," Nila pointed out.


Nila said she is grateful that the majority of partners have appreciated the social assistance received from the company, which has been considered beneficial for partners and families.


The LD FEB UI research used online surveys using the "simple random sampling" method and covered two-wheeled (GoRide) and four-wheeled (GoCar) partners who have been with the company for at least the last three months.


The surveys were distributed to all eligible partners in mid-May, 2020. The total number of respondents analyzed was 41,393, with a margin of error of less than one percent, and the largest proportion in Java-Bali reaching 60 percent. (INE)

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