BPOM strives to ensure food security during COVID-19 pandemic

BPOM strives to ensure food security during COVID-19 pandemic

Director of Medium and Low Risk Processed Food Supervision at BPOM  Emma Setyawati said during a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday. (3/6/2020). (FOTO ANTARA/Katriana)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) has undertaken several efforts to ensure food safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The BPOM is striving to manage and handle the circulation of food. How to handle these foods? When food is consumed, the people remain safe," Director of Medium- and Low-Risk Processed Food Supervision at the BPOM Emma Setyawati noted during a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday.

He remarked that the BPOM had a downloadable guidebook in the form of e-books covering aspects right from production to the safe distribution of processed foods that can serve as a guideline for the wider community.

In the guidebook, health protocols were added for safe processing and distribution of food to be followed by the community.

"Do not be jostling in the means of production. Thereafter, wear masks, hair covers, and gloves at the production site. While delivering of food, avoid direct contact with food," she expounded.

During the packaging of food, Setyawati emphasized the need for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging of each food product.

The packaging of food products is deemed necessary to ensure no direct contact with the producers and distributors delivering the food.

In addition, the BPOM has ensured the food content is of high nutritional standards and fit for consumption.

The BPOM has also often held teleconferencing meetings with several parties to disseminate information on the guidelines, Setyawati noted. Related news: APEC urged to safeguard food security through open trade policies
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