Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital (RSD) for COVID-19 in Kemayoran is currently offering inpatient treatment to 637 people that contracted COVID-19, rising from nine on June 21, with the total patient count reaching 628.

In total, the hospital is treating 656 inpatients constituting 334 males and 322 females. They included two patients under surveillance (PDP).

The hospital discharged eight patients after they made a complete recovery from COVID-19, Colonel Maris Aris Mudian noted in his press statement here on Monday.

Since President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the emergency hospital on March 23, 2020, it has treated 4,848 people, while 138 patients were referred to other hospitals.

A total of 3,084 inpatients recovered and were discharged, while three inpatients had succumbed to the disease so far.

On the occasion, Mudian also informed that the number of inpatients at the Galang Island Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 treatment in Batam, Riau Islands Province, currently reached 63, comprising 34 men and 29 women, decreasing from 64 on the previous day.

Of the 63 inpatients, 46 tested positive for COVID-19, 11 others came under the PDP category, and six were people under monitoring (ODP).

"Since April 12, 2020, the Galang Island Emergency Hospital has treated 211 inpatients in total. Two patients were referred to another hospital, while 146 were discharged and had to undergo independent isolation. No patient reportedly died," he stated.

In the meantime, 27,411 Indonesian migrant workers, including crew members of foreign cruise ships, had returned to Indonesia until now.

Of the total, 3,872 people are still being quarantined, while 23,539 others were allowed to return home.

Government's spokesperson for COVID-19 response Achmad Yurianto stated that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indonesia until Sunday (June 21) shot up by 862, thereby bringing the total to 45,891.

A total of 18,404 patients recovered, while 2,465 patients died.

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