Indonesia, Turkey keen to cooperate in COVID-19 vaccine development

Indonesia, Turkey keen to cooperate in COVID-19 vaccine development

Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro. (Handout KBRI Ankara)

Indonesia is very open to strengthening cooperation in the fields already discussed.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Research and Technology Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro and Turkish Technology and Industry Minister Mustafa Varank partook in a virtual meeting to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the development of COVID-19 vaccines and medicines.

During the virtual meeting, initiated by the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara on Tuesday, Minister Brodjonegoro was accompanied by the Indonesian ambassador to Turkey, several officials of the ministry, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the Agency for Application and Development of Technology (BPPT), head of the Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN), the chair of Eijkman Institute, and heads of technology-based industries, including PT. Bio Farma, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, and PT RAI.

"Indonesia is very open to strengthening cooperation in the fields that were already discussed. Hence, we agree to discuss the memoranda of understanding in each field as soon as possible and also sign an agreement between the two ministers that will serve as an umbrella for other cooperation agreements", the minister noted in a statement issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara.

According to information from the World Health Organization (WHO), Turkey is one of the four nations globally to have achieved the most noteworthy progress in the field of vaccine development.

Meanwhile, PT Bio Farma is one of the largest vaccine industries in the Islamic world.

In addition to cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector, the two ministers discussed technological developments and the likelihood of cooperation in the commercial aerospace industry for N-219 and R-80 planes, satellites and satellite launchers or rockets, as well as for the development of unmanned aircraft technology for producing drones.

In the field of satellite and rocket development, Turkey has begun domestically building large-scale communication satellites and is one of the developed countries in the rocket industry, especially for military purposes.

Hence, the two countries perceive vast opportunities to collaborate to develop satellite technology, rockets, and satellite launchers.

"Based on the presentations given by the two delegations, it is increasingly clear that concrete opportunities for technological cooperation in various fields between Indonesia and Turkey are hugely promising. We must immediately follow up on them," Minister Varank noted. Related news: Indonesia joins with South Korea in COVID-19 vaccine push
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