Three foreign nationals test positive for COVID-19 in Batam

Three foreign nationals test positive for COVID-19 in Batam

COVID-19 data of Batam City. 

Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - The COVID-19 Task Force of Batam city, Riau Islands province confirmed on Monday that three foreign nationals have tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the city.

Two of the foreign nationals, aged 58 and 42 years, are from the United Kingdom and the third, aged 29, is from Belgium.

The Belgian citizen has been registered as COVID-19 case number 657, and the two British nationals as case numbers 658 and 661.

The three foreign nationals, who were staying at the same hotel in Batam, elected to pay for their own polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

All three are asymptomatic and are being treated at the special COVID-19 hospital on Galang Island in the province of Riau Islands.

As of Monday, seven expatriates and a foreign tourist have tested positive for COVID-19 in Batam.

The Batam COVID-19 task force has recorded 46 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, taking the total case count to 663. Of the total, 378 have recovered, 253 are being treated at hospitals, and 32 have succumbed to the disease.

Thirty-one of the 46 additional COVID-19 patients include medical workers, administrative workers at hospitals, and the three foreign nationals.

The remaining include two students, two employees of a private company, a businessman, a lawyer, two housewives, and two sailors. (INE)

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