Assembly Speaker seeks more hand-washing stations in public places

Assembly Speaker seeks more hand-washing stations in public places

People’s Consultative Assembly Speaker Bambang Soesatyo. (ANTARA/HO)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The People’s Consultative Assembly Speaker Bambang Soesatyo has urged local governments to add more facilities supporting health protocols, including public hand-washing stations.

“Complete and prepare health protocol facilities and infrastructure, such as hand-washing facilities in crowded or public places and easily accessible public facilities,” he urged in a statement received in Jakarta on Friday.

He said the central government must encourage regional governments, in the midst of the still limited number of facilities and infrastructure supporting health protocols, to change people's day-to-day behavior, such as hand washing.

The senior politician from the Golkar Party urged the government to increase awareness and launch campaigns to encourage the public to be diligent in washing hands with soap and shifting their hygiene habits.

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The approach, he said, could be publicized through community leaders, religious leaders or through broadcast media, radio, television, and social media.

Soesatyo, who is also the deputy chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that washing hands with soap to cultivate a clean lifestyle can be a long-term investment for public health.

Therefore, it must be taught and instilled from an early age, and the government must participate in raising awareness on the matter, he added.

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