Sukabumi, Jabar (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has stationed hundreds of personnel at various locations affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi to assist local governments in disaster mitigation efforts.

"The PMI in Central Java has currently readied 300 volunteers with various special abilities, such as first aid, evacuation, medical aid, public kitchens, and psychosocial support," PMI Central Java's Head of Disaster Mitigation (PB) Sarwa Pramana stated telephonically on Sunday.

In addition to personnel, the PMI offers various equipment placed at the final evacuation sites (TEA), such as portable handwashing tools, body temperature checks, water reservoirs, and vehicles in Magelang.

When contacted separately, Head of PMI Central Java Mu'rifah remarked that PMI Central Java had coordinated with three local PMI offices in Magelang, Klaten and Boyolali districts respectively as a precautionary measure against all possibilities.

The PMI has also readied disaster logistics, including 1,500 packages of family kits, 1,500 blankets, 1,500 sheets of tarpaulin, 1,500 sheets of mattresses, and 50 thousand face masks, as well as a clean water tank trucks and electric cars for warehouse storage requirements.

"The logistics we have prepared are intended to be precautionary measures on the field during a disaster emergency response, such as three thousand personal protective clothing and three thousand face shields," he noted.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBN) had reported last week that at least 1,475 people residing on the slopes of Mount Merapi, located in the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces, were evacuated to safer areas.

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