The survey indicated 10 most wanted jobs, with sales, marketing, and public relations topping the list.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - A survey conducted by the Manpower Ministry indicated that sales, marketing, and public relations (PR) are among the 10 most sought after positions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The survey indicated 10 most wanted jobs, with sales, marketing, and public relations topping the list," Head of the Development and Planning Agency of the ministry Bambang Satrio Lelono stated here on Tuesday at the launch of a survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on job opportunities.

A survey of 1,105 companies indicated that 18.7 percent of them were looking for professional workers in sales, marketing, and public relations.

Some 13.5 percent of the respondents were on the lookout for sales workers, 4.4 percent for informatics and technology operators, 3.8 percent for drivers and administrative officers, 3.2 percent for machine operators, 3.1 percent for mining and construction workers, 2.8 percent for installation and electrical equipment repairmen, 2.4 percent for professional administration officers, and 2.3 percent for blue-collar workers.

According to the survey conducted in 17 business sectors and 72 percent of them located in Java Island, technology skills emerged as the most sought after during the pandemic.

Some 26.9 percent of the companies were seeking workers with technology skills, 6.2 percent sought physical and manual skills, 4.1 percent were looking for emotional and social skills, and 1.9 percent for advanced cognitive skills.

As many as 42.4 percent of the respondent companies sought workers with all types of the skills, according to the ministry's survey.
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